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Westwood Grading Practices

Key Elements of Grading Practices
Beginning Monday, April 20th, the following guidelines are in place:
Elementary (K-6) Grading Practices
• Teachers will track progress in grade book
• Students will receive a 3, 2, or 1 for their assignments, with 1 representing incomplete
• End of Q4 - students will receive a complete or incomplete
• Students who received an Incomplete will be required to participate in additional intervention from start of school for the duration of 60 calendar days, to earn a complete for Q4 work.
Secondary (7-12) Grading Practices
• At the end of the semester, students will be awarded CREDIT or INCOMPLETE. Transcripts will include a footnote that second semester grades were impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.
• Transcript Marks will show as a G - for credit and an I - for incomplete
• All students will have the opportunity to redo or makeup work assigned prior to March 13, as well as new work assigned during the Continuity of Learning instructional period.
• Assignments will be recorded and entered into MiStar.
• All students with an INCOMPLETE will be provided an opportunity to complete learning and earn the credit upon return to school or completion of credit recovery. There will be a 60 calendar day window from the start of school to complete the incomplete courses for credit.
• Students enrolled in external programs, including Dual Enrollment or CTE should follow participation guidelines from those schools. Grades reported from these programs will be recorded on the student’s transcript as CREDIT or Incomplete.
• Support teams in each building will reach out to individual students and families who either have not been able to engage in online learning or who are at risk of receiving an incomplete.

Specific to graduating seniors, the following points are important:
• Seniors are expected to participate in online instruction between 4/20 and 5/27 in order to complete their senior year.
• We are committed to supporting all members of the RHS, WNA and WVA class of 2020 so that they can graduate as planned.
Those students who are earning credits or recovering credits through APEX online courses or currently failing a class required for graduation as of March 13th are strongly encouraged to stay in close contact with building counselors and administrators.