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Daly Contact: Liz Ferrell   
Phone: (313) 565-0468
Email: [email protected]
Grades: PreK-3                                             Grades: 4 - 6
Contact:LaTonya Payton                               Contact: Shawanda Singleton
Phone: (313) 292-2440                                 Phone: (313) 292-1600
Email: [email protected]                          Email: [email protected] 
Contact: Glenda McKinnie
Phone: (313) 565-3393
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Tenisha McKinnie
Phone:(313) 565-8851
Email: [email protected]
Westwood Virtual Academy
Contact: Jessica Savage
Phone: (313) 565-0288
Email: [email protected]
Westwood north
Contact: Jessica Savage
Phone: (313) 565-0400
Email: [email protected]