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Dr. Stiles Simmons



September 2, 2022


Westwood schools superintendent

Dear Westwood Families,


I wish to thank you for entrusting the District with the education and care of your most precious resource, your children.  I do not take your confidence lightly.  The Westwood Board of Education and I spend countless hours working together to ensure that your children are in an environment that is safe, welcoming and ready for them to learn.


As you probably noticed, we have undertaken a lot of activity in the District.  Both Thorne and Robichaud have undergone major renovations.  These various upgrades were paid for from federal COVID-relief dollars provided to schools to help with pandemic-related expenses. 


Air conditioning was installed in all classrooms, as well as air ventilation systems, so that students and staff are comfortable and can focus on the work they need to do. 


Both Thorne and Robichaud have remodeled entrances.  These new entrances make it more difficult for peo

ple who intend to harm our children to come into the school. 


Throughout the District, all doors will be equipped with enhanced door locks, and security cameras have been installed. 


Staff members throughout the District completed advanced safety training, so they can better protect your children and themselves from harm’s way.  We hope that we never have to encounter someone who wishes to harm staff or your children, but we are prepared in the event we do. 


Plans are underway for the same level of renovation to take place at Daly and Tomlinson in the summer of 2023. 


Thank you again for allowing the Westwood Community School District to educate your children.  I look forward to seeing you at school activities and in the community. 


Educationally yours,


Dr. Stiles X. Simmons

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